Would Kacey Musgraves Ditch Tennessee for Greener Pastures in NYC?

“In my mind, we’re in New York,” Kacey Musgraves sings in “Too Good to be True,” a song from her newly released album, Deeper Well. “You had never been before / But, baby, now it’s our town.” The lyrics could soon take on a new meaning for the Tennessee resident: according to People, Musgraves has been casually checking out New York City properties online.

“Girl, I’m always browsing Zillow late at night, acting like a fool—it’s my favorite,” the seven-time Grammy winner told the outlet. “I wouldn’t rule it out, but I do have a community in Nashville that I know that I couldn’t find anywhere else.” In an interview with The Cut earlier this month, Musgraves disclosed that she bought a “cottage” in a Tennessee forest around the time that she sold the Nashville pad that graced Architectural Digest’s May 2022 cover. Per a recent interview with Vogue, the singer’s new dwelling was the inspiration behind the album’s eighth track, “Heart of the Woods.”

Though it seems Musgraves isn’t leaving Nashville behind anytime soon, perhaps a weekend pad in the Big Apple is in order? “I think New York City is a very special place, and I feel really inspired to create there for sure,” she told People. The country-pop crooner recorded Deeper Well, her sixth studio album, at Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. She recently returned to the area for a musical guest stint on SNL and to promote her new candle with Boy Smells, which is inspired by Deeper Well.


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To Vogue, Musgraves waxed poetic about the city’s inspiring energy: “I think there’s something kind of electrically charged about New York, with humanity being so stacked on top of each other. Emotions are really magnified in an environment like that, where there are millions of people all in one area, all trying to figure out life together.”

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