Uber Says Its Airport Shuttle Service Is a Hit in India – Now It’s Coming to the U.S

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One example showed a 28-minute ride from Freedom Park to the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte for $15.

Uber is launching a shuttle service in the U.S. for transportation to airports, concert venues, and sporting events. 

Uber Shuttle was among product announcements at the company’s annual GO-GET event. 

The new service allows users to reserve a seat on a shuttle that travels multiple times per day from downtown locations to airport curbsides, according to Anthony le Roux, general manager of Uber Shuttle. 

The company is also partnering with select venues in the U.S. to provide Uber Shuttle rides starting this summer. That includes the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins football team, as well as Live Nations venues in Chicago, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh.

To order a shuttle, the user enters the destination as normal but then selects the Shuttle option instead of UberX. The app then shows available routes, the fare, and gives the option to select the number of seats needed. The app also tells the user where the pickup location is and how far the walk is to get there. Once reserved, the user gets a barcode to scan on the bus. 

The example that Uber gave showed a 28-minute ride from Freedom Park to the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte for $15. 

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The service may operate differently in different cities, le Roux said. It may provide connections between transport hubs and venues, or it may provide transport from central locations in the city. 

The company has been piloting Uber Shuttle in Cairo since 2019, designed to complement public transportation.

“It was a hit,” le Roux said.

The company then expanded the pilot to India, where he said women deal with a lack of unsafe transportation options. 

“We were excited to hear from so many women who used Uber Shuttle that the ability to guarantee seats and track their trip has really brought peace of mind to their daily commute,” he said.

Uber also offers the shuttle service to companies to help them transport employees to and from work.

Some other new products that Uber announced:

  • Uber Eats Lists allows users to curate and share lists of recommended restaurants and dishes. User profiles are shared between contacts within a section of the Uber Eats app. Tap on a profile to see that person’s recommendations. Lists is coming to New York City in July and will expand worldwide later this year. 
  • Users in the U.S. can now schedule UberX Share rides — Uber rides shared with other people — which the company said cost an average of 25% less than the solo option. Users can reserve a seat anytime from 10 minutes to 30 days ahead, and the price is set.  
  • Uber One for students is now $4.99 per month — half the price — or $48 per year. In addition to regular members-only perks, students get special deals and free items from certain restaurants. 

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