The perfect toy for your playful cat is now $20 during Deal Days

Unless your cat is Garfield, you aren’t going to keep them entertained with lasagna while you’re at work. If you left out a tray, you’d just come home to a gigantic mess, an upset tummy, and a bored kitty at your feet. Looking for an actual solution? Try the Cheerble—and you can head straight to checkout to get it faster.

It’s a self-rolling toy that intrigues your cat with movement the same way a real mouse would. Have you ever seen Tom and Jerry? This has a similar effect. During Deal Days, our version of Prime Day, you can get one here for the best pricing online (even better than Amazon!). Get yours now for $19.97 (reg. $26.90).

All-day entertainment for every type of cat

Simply turn the Cheerble on and select a mode of play between gentle, normal, and active before you leave home. Gentle is for cats like Garfield, normal is for mildly playful ones like Hello Kitty, and active is for mischievous ones like the Cheshire Cat.

The ball has a synthetic fiber cover and LED lights to intrigue your cat to paw at it, and when they do, it vibrates and moves around unpredictably like prey would under their grasp (it’s twisted, but they’ll love it!). If your kitty could use this enrichment, this is practically a must-buy.

Sound good to you? Go right to checkout to grab it faster.


A few reasons why the Cheerble was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo: It avoids obstacles like your furniture and walls, so it doesn’t stop kitty playtime during the day. It’s also rechargeable, so it doesn’t use wasteful batteries. And it doesn’t require a pesky app for activation or to change settings.

Go right to checkout to treat your cat to the Cheerble interactive cat toy during Deal Days—only $19.97 (reg. $26.90) through July 21. 

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