The 11 Best New Beauty Products of June 2024

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Photographed by Liv Liberg, styled by Emilie Kareh. Hair by Olivier Schawalder, makeup by Marie Duhart

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With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. In 2024, W will publish a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products, which we recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

This will be your summertime eye-care savior. Chanel’s latest product promotes a smooth, refreshed look around the eyes, (and boasts a very cool rotating applicator). Using ingredients sourced from Chanel’s proprietary red camellia extract, this new formulation fortifies the eye area’s skin barrier to protect against daily oxidative stress. Our personal tip: store this in your fridge to see (and feel) the results.

We dare you to embrace your most confident self with this stunning deep fuchsia lip pencil, which doubles as a lipstick. Pair the gorgeous pigment with an all-white afternoon ensemble—or better yet, save it for an evening when you’re wearing a black linen halter dress.

This product launched a few months back, but we felt, after an extensive testing period, that we needed to highlight its efficacy. This mask is sublime—especially during this particularly hot summer, when your skin is craving more moisture. The Danucera Master Mask, created by Danuta Mieloch, one of the country’s most revered veteran aestheticians, is super-hydrating. Mieloch—a longtime Rescue Spa facialist—formulated the mask to yield a superb glow and supple skin. The red microalgae component promotes a brighter, more even skin tone, while the kombucha infusion provides rich probiotics for enhanced skin barrier protection. Apply for three minutes for a quick treatment, or up to 20 minutes for deeper nourishment. An added tip: feel free to apply while using your LED and microcurrent devices for additional skin benefits.

This product claims it can “reverse one year of aging in one month.” How can we not be excited about that? Allies of Skin’s best-selling product has undergone a powerful new ingredient transformation, featuring advanced skin-firming peptides, antioxidants, brighteners, and their proprietary biotech algae complex. To be used daily (and patiently) for best results.

This product should be an absolute essential in your nighttime routine. The beauty elixir provides simultaneous serenity, in addition to science-backed skin and hair repair. To provide serenity, Calm (Beauty) is formulated with taurine and gaba, both of which are naturally occurring amino acids that help calm the nervous system and release stress. However, it’s always about vanity—and the hero ingredient that hooked us is spermidine. Spermidine is not only an excellent component for skin regeneration and oxidative stress, but it yields massive hair health benefits, including stimulating hair follicles, protecting strands from oxidative stress, and according to some scientific studies, aiding to maintain the natural color of the hair (but of course, take into consideration genetics, age, and lifestyle).

Simpler is often better, especially when utilizing fermented products. Crafted with a high-grade, innovative rice fermented technology developed by Japan’s esteemed Ishii Clinic, this natural fermented liquid delivers unparalleled hydration and firming benefits, with a refreshing, cool sensation that feels ultra-soothing once applied on the skin. A part of the brand’s three-step skincare regimen, the calming gel cream provides exceptional moisture for both day and night.

Because we are always searching for the most lightweight-yet-excellent face primers, we really enjoyed this fast-absorbing, lightweight liquid. It preps the skin for up to 12 hours, is designed for all skin types, and feels utterly weightless.

It takes a lot to get us excited about any new mascara. Yet this peptide-rich product made our lashes perfect at two coats for for daytime—and positively stunning after three coats. Goop’s latest lengthened and separated flawlessly, and after three solid weeks of testing this mascara, there was never any caking.

This face powder won us over for a few reasons. First, it’s a very light product that’s perfect for the sweltering summer days ahead. Second, the composition is pretty sweet. It’s infused with ceramides, is buildable without being weighted, and the hydrating formula is designed to maintain a fresh, non-cakey finish thanks to a tapioca powder and saw palmetto base (the coverage is ideal for oily skin types). Additionally, it’s crafted with raspberry and Boswellia extract—two elements that are both celebrated for their anti-inflammatory properties. How can our sometimes-pigmented, acne-prone skin say no to that?

Internal skincare is just as important as topical skincare. One of the most cutting-edge skin supplements to launch from one of Europe’s most prestigious labs, Elysium’s Senolytic supplement is designed to support cell regeneration, helping your body eliminate unwanted cells for clearer, more radiant skin. Infused with high grade super-active antioxidants such as quercetin, fisetin, Chinese ginseng, and antioxidant-rich chestnut rose, with twice-monthly use, your skin will be at its very best.

A remarkable face oil that is not only reasonably priced, but does an excellent job feeding the skin with nourishing elements. Designed for all skin types, it works especially well on oily skin, providing a light texture with healing components of jojoba and sunflower seed oil, as well as ferulic acid to help keep your skin tone even.

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