Rafael Nadal: ‘I would like to be Real Madrid president but time will tell’

Rafael Nadal says that he would like to become Real Madrid president one day.

The 37-year-old, a 22-time Grand Slam champion, told Spanish channel Movistar, that he would be interested in succeeding Floreinto Perez in the role in the future but described the 76-year-old as “the best president possible.”

When asked if he wanted to become Real Madrid president, Nadal replied: “Do you know what the thing is? I can answer you… it’s just I don’t know. I don’t have it (in my dreams), I promise you not.

“Now, if I would like to (be president)? I think so. I think I would like to be it. But first of all, lots of things. First of all, today there is nothing to say because we have the best president possible. Afterwards, I don’t know if what I could think now is what I could think tomorrow. And afterwards, life takes many turns.

“One has to know if one is capable to do those types of things. I’m pretty realistic with myself, I know more or less my limitations and in that (being president), I don’t know whether I’d be capable or I wouldn’t be capable. But time will tell.”

This is not the first time that Nadal, a Real Madrid fan, has spoken of his interest in succeeding Perez as club president.

Speaking at a press event in La Coruna for Banco Sabadell in February 2017, the Spaniard said: “You never know what can happen. Everyone knows I’m a football fanatic and Real Madrid is my team. Speaking about that now is a utopia, but if you ask me, of course I would like to be president.

“In any case, we’re very well how we are, we have a great president and I don’t think Real Madrid needs me for anything or that it is going to happen.”

Real Madrid are next in action when they begin their Champions League campaign against Union Berlin at the Santiago Bernabeu tomorrow.



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