No Jets Needed: Dua Lipa & Callum Turner Spotted in Matching Train Depot Looks

Dua Lipa may never beat the allegations that she’s always somewhere—but, with her latest voyage, she’s quashed any inklings that her travel habits are the most environmentally irresponsible. Oh, and she’s done so with a very special someone: her boyfriend, Callum Turner. Today, the buzzed-about item were spotted arriving at a central London train station after catching the Eurostar train from Paris, France. We’re now looking at Dua’s recent song “Training Season” in a whole different light.

Coincidence or not, the couple fittingly went all in on monochrome leather with their travel looks. Dua sported a pair of loose-fitting denim jeans that she paired with a black top. But the hero piece of her look turned out to be a longline leather trench which featured strong, sloped shoulders and a statement collar. See, when you don’t have to worry about cramming your coat into a plane’s overhead bin, fashion statements like this come easy.

From there, the singer styled her outfit with simple Puma sneakers and tortoise shell sunglasses. Turner was trotting around the couple’s silver suitcase which allowed for Dua to show off her carry-on item: a blinged-out Birkin. She’s been sporting this particular item for months now both as a travel tote and an everyday piece. Turner, for his part, also got in on the leather memo. The actor went for black pants and a matching shirt that he styled with a brown tailored jacket and boots.

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The couple were heading back to London after attending a YSL Beauty event in Paris. The day prior, they shared a romantic lunch date in the City of Lights.

Now, for us Americans it might seem confusing as to why someone of Dua and Turner’s stature would risk the hustle and bustle of a train station as opposed to chartering a plane. Well, for starters, the Eurostar is perhaps the most convient method of transportation between the two cities. Also, Europeans in general are much more sustainably minded than us over here in the States (some of whom think that 13 minute trips on their private jets are a-okay).

Dua and Turner’s relationship has been heating up over the past few months. Before their Paris voyage, they made their debut as a couple during awards season. But, as they say, the true test of a relationship is traveling together. Or, in this case, training together.

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