NeoCon 2024 Recap

NeoCon 2024 brought new solutions to the most pressing needs of the modern office. A welcome addition to every solution was transparency about the sustainability behind every product from manufacturing to end of life. It was the colors, comfort, collaboration and more that caught the attention of our team and the designers who shopped the show with us this year. Special thanks to: Arthur Garcia-Clemente (Partners By Design), Nicole Zack (Ted Moudis), Sam Mason  (Collective DC), Nisha Sewel (Arcadis) and Mahsa Saeedi (Arcadis).

It’s time to meet the standouts below!

Tables Takeover

Howe Folding Surfaces Tables with OE Electronics Power

This table’s powerful ability to connect people in the workplace was an all around favorite at NeoCon 2024.

Howe Folding Surfaces Tables

As clients adjust to hybrid work models, it’s no secret that the number one reason staff are choosing to come into the office is to reconnect with colleagues and collaborate. In turn, as workplace designers, clients are demanding more innovation in flexible and collaborative spaces. This table is filling a gap in the market that workplace designers have been craving. Not only has the company designed a tasteful folding harvest table, which is, in itself, unique, but Howe partnered with OE Electrics to integrate portable power, and guess what that means? No core drills! This not only satisfies the collaborative needs of our clients, but it also addresses a budgetary concern. As the temperature of the workplace is still adjusting since returning to the office, this is a no fuss solution in a time of transition for users.

This answers 100 problems at once; but let’s focus on the biggest ones: flexibility in collaborative spaces and less of a headache for power coordination.

Nienkamper’s Vox Community Table

Vox’s community table offered a great shared work table designed for the new alternative office landscape.

Nienkamper table

With a table that can be used for meetings or individual work. the integration of plants, power and height adjustability mimicked the variety of uses for the piece.

This table would be super successful in a communal work lounge setting.

Bulo’s Senses Bench

This bean-shaped tabletop design stands out from the plethora of rectangular desks.


The organic shape offers ample workspace for everyone’s tools and technology while feeling inviting and more natural. The use of a textured paper material is a refreshing change from the standard laminate.

Framery Four Accessible Smart Pod

The new Framery Four Accessible Smart Pod takes equitable design to the next level by offering unparalleled user benefits to all regardless of  ability.


The Framery Four Accessible is now the first smart pod in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Featuring a door designed for wheelchair access, low threshold, folding sofa and folding table, the Framery Four Accessible allows for T shaped turning in a compact, intuitively designed space. And with a bar installed for pushing and pulling the door from a wheelchair as well as the internal controls, screen and outlets being installed  at an operative height, the Four Accessible allows for completely streamlined, unaided usage. 

Sit Back and Relax

Thinkspace’s Neuron Activation Pod

The Neuron Activation Pod offered a relaxing and rejuvenating reprieve from the hustle of NeoCon.

Neuron Pod

The Neuron Activation Pod transmits very low frequency vibrations in the body promoting the body’s natural healing abilities, especially through the quality and power of sleep. This meditative pod would be a noteworthy addition to any wellness room.

Haworth’s Breck Task Chair

Haworth’s task chair sits at the intersection of function, form, budget, and sustainable design.

Haworth Breck

It is made of mostly recycled materials and is designed to be easily assembled. The color options work with any contemporary palette, and it is quite comfortable – at a shockingly low price. Simplicity (sometimes) is best!

Okamura’s Specere Chair

Channeling the philosophy of returning to the basics, Specere promotes a healthy and comfortable sitting experience, without being overly complicated.


Inspired by the drafting chairs of the 1950s, Specere has been reimagined for the modern office, uniting the charm of the past with the innovation of the future. The Specere chair encourages an active posture, supporting the user’s natural movement and fostering a sense of well-being while seated. Specere has been designed with the environment in mind. By limiting the number of materials and components, it has lowered the carbon footprint through production and distribution. While built to last, Specere’s components can be disassembled for recycling.

Shedding Some Light on the Subject

Haworth’s Pantaya Light by Pablo

Pantaya is a modular lighting system inspired by the lightweight construction inherent in camping tents.

240430 HAWORTH.3699 e1719509602983

The canopy-like knitted cover employs varying structures and patterns for a warm, tactile feeling. The integrated LED light passes through the knit structure, illuminating the entire canopy to create a captivating visual effect. 100% recycled polyester digital knit sleeves encase a lightweight aluminum exoskeleton like a sock, seamlessly conceal the frame and electrical components.


This new acoustic floor lamp, designed in collaboration with Cory Grosser, seamlessly integrates lighting and acoustics.

Screenshot 2024 06 27 at 12.44.54 PM e1719510845986

Handcrafted with love in Belgium, BuzziShroom mimics the organic structure of a mushroom, introducing a touch of nature into any environment while addressing acoustic challenges creatively. BuzziShroom goes beyond traditional acoustic solutions, actively contributing to the overall well-being of occupants. Its organic and fully upholstered design promotes a connection to nature, fostering a sense of calm and concentration in any environment from modern workspaces to bars and lounges. 

A Thoughtful Textile

Yinka Ilori x Momentum Collection

With names like Blossoms Time, Dream Catchers, Eyes in Reflection and Rhythms Surround You, this textile collection alerts all the senses with a playful aesthetic.


This collaboration marks the British-Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist and designer’s first foray into commercial textiles and wall coverings. The collection blends Ilori’s signature, vibrant style, inspired by his love of color and passion for joyous design, with Momentum’s expertise in commercial textile and wall covering design. Ilori drew on his dual heritage for the inspiration for each design, emphasizing a commitment to affirmation and community that is essential to his artistic ethos.

Adding Accessories

Global’s Collaborative Spaces

These team carts elevate a space’s purpose with variety and versatility.

Global Furniture

Collaborative Spaces includes a range of products that complement each other. One that stood out were the multipurpose team carts. The customizable carts incorporate elements to mark space, absorb ambient noise and afford visual privacy. From whiteboard carts to shelves with privacy screens, the range of carts offer mobile ways to optimize space.

The Standout Showroom


SIXINCH proved it’s more than lounge and seating furniture, it’s an experience as demonstrated with their 2024 showroom.

Sixinch Merchandise Mart showroom NeoCon 2024

I didn’t know where the product started or where the showroom stopped. This is an exceptional example of a captivating experience that encourages discovery.

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