NeoCon 2024: 7th Floor Finds

For a second year, Work Design took up residence on the 7th floor for our NeoCon Talks influencer series and in between sessions we were on the hunt for new products. To help we engaged our design friends: Nicole Zack, Nisha Sewell and Mahsa Saeedi. Here’s a collective shortlist of what stood out & why.

Oyster Mediation Seat

Ready to add wellness into your day? We are. Furniture Designer, Alex Muradian, collaborated with exercise physiologist, Jesse Schwartzman, to tackle the biggest worker’s compensation injury among office workers — lower back pain. The result is an ergonomic office chair that ensures natural spinal alignment and engaged lower back muscles when users assume the common cross legged sitting position. Perfect when paired with a sit-stand desk or as a new edition to a wellness space.


Zintra Neocon booth 2024With 18 designs across 6 material finishes to choose from, the new stone looks had a great install at the booth and gave a seamless visual.


Behr 2025 commercial color forecast
Wall: Boreal N420-5

For the first time there’s a forecast specific to the commercial industry! In fact, this forecast was inspired by input from design professionals from the nation’s top architectural firms to offer a future-focused palette designers can turn to for any commercial project. The colors are grouped into clever categories named: Bleisure, Renew-trals, Grand-Luxe and AI-sthetic and they range from neutral to bold, timeless to traditional and cool to warm tones.


Image courtesy of the mart

Slalom offers tailored solutions for specific acoustic challenges through a variety of acoustic applications for wall, ceiling, light, furniture & curtains. For designers, sustainability story and acoustics are priority and top of mind. It was refreshing to see that Slalom has not forgotten about the practicality and code requirements.

The Bloom wall panel stood out the most.

Incorporating the use of flowers into the “acoustethics” product was a welcomed application in a sea full of acoustic felt products only.


Thirlington Smart bathrooms

Even bathrooms can be part of smart building plans. Thirlington’s innovative use of smart data to connect to restroom cubicles helps to alleviate the lines waits and inefficiency in public spaces. Could your office use this?


Room & Board for Business

This collection offers cabinets, island and counter tables, made from a mix of outdoor-grade steel and solid stone tops with the option to choose from a two-shelf refrigerator, a wine cabinet or a beverage refrigerator with matte black interiors. Perfect for small outdoor workspaces!


Designers are craving simplicity and speed in the rendering process and D5 Render meets that call. This design and visualization solution with built-in AI capabilities allows you to create in realtime.

D5 Render

D5 integrates of all rendering features into one platform. Unlike traditional workflows that require switching between multiple software applications (e.g., Revit, Photoshop, 3ds Max), this software consolidates all rendering functionalities into a single platform. This integration streamlines the workflow, reduces complexity and enhances productivity by eliminating the need for exporting and importing files between different programs.


woodura scaled e1718817905120

No nails or glue? Bjelin’s herringbone parquet can be installed fast and easy as a floating floor. Without glue or nails. The individual strips clicks together to a herringbone pattern. Plus there’s a standout sustainability story.


Tazo BestofNeoCon e1718816541660

Supporting the need for flexible, elegant workspaces, Tazo™ procures comfortable and efficacious direct task lighting and optional indirect ambient lighting in a free standing luminaire designed for all spaces where people work.

This combination task/power integrated/floor lamp would have a range of uses, especially in open collaboration workspaces.


And finally a shoutout to . . .

Sensory Experience Lounge by Pratt

The Listen prompt states:

Close your eyes, stand and focus your mind on the calm.

Experience the sound of space, and the space of sound.

pratt 1pratt 2

Kudos to the student-designed environment, which infused color, scent, sound, and visual stimuli to remind us that we should design all of our spaces with full sensory consideration!

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