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Michelle Obama on Donald Trump’s win in 2016: “It shook us profoundly.”

Michelle Obama opened up about the deep hurt she felt upon hearing that Donald Trump had won the 2016 election.

According to audio excerpts, Obama said in “The Light We Carry” that he used ethnic slurs to replace his husband’s president, “It has shaken me profoundly,” according to NPR audio excerpts. “It shocked me to hear him talking about differentness as if it was a threat.”

Obama said that Barack Obama and Obama had built their principles around “hope and hard work” and that Obama was dumbfounded when Trump won.

Michelle Obama said that for eight years, Michelle Obama and her husband tried to live out those

principles loud, acknowledging that they made it as far, perhaps even in defiance, of the bigotry or bias so deeply rooted in American life. “We recognized that our presence at the White House as Black Americans spoke volumes about the possibilities. So we doubled our efforts and perseverance to make that possible.

“Whether or not 2016’s election was a direct refutation of all that, it hurt. It still hurts,” she added. “It felt like more, something that was much more severe than a simple electoral defeat.”

Obama stated, “Stuck inside my house, over a frightening period of early 2020. I saw no logic to it all.” He also analyzed how Obama fell into despair. “What I saw in Obama was a president who was lacking integrity, as evidenced by an increasing number of national deaths and whose poll numbers were still high.”

Obama, in another audio excerpt that was released Monday, also speaks about how she was scared of Barack Obama’s first mention to her that they wanted to run as president.

“I found the possibility of it terrifying,” she explained, noting how it took her time to accept the decision. “My fear could have changed historical events. Instead, I said yes.’

Obama’s new book, “Becoming,” will be available for purchase Tuesday. The book is a reflection of her past years and how she overcame despair, and anxiety, and rebuilt hope for the next few years. Her first memoir, “Becoming,” was published in 2018. It sold more than 17 million copies across the globe, making it one of the top-selling books.

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