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Matthew McConaughey celebrates National Pickle Day by taking a nude throwback photograph: “Pickled”

Matthew McConaughey celebrates National Pickle Day with a throwback photo of himself in the buff.

The Oscar winner posted a picture of himself without pants on Monday while smiling as he held a jar full of pickles near an open fridge.

The caption for the photo was “Pickled,” which the 53-year-old captioned, along with the hashtag #nationalpickleday.

Many of his 6.8million followers were quick to enjoy the shot.

One user commented, “It’s nice to see that a famous dude uses the same mustard and steak sauce as I do.”

“Alright alright alright,” added another.

One follower wrote, “Excuse me while you go for the soy sauce.”

“Yeah. “This is how my husband takes the pickles out of the fridge,” said one follower. It’s the only way. “I’m not complaining.”

Others thought he looked just like a snack.

“Who cropped that photo?” One person wrote. “I’m upset.”

“Please post more of this?” Another user was added.

One follower asked, “How can this be so beautiful?”

The father of three and self-described “pickle expert” has been sharing his passion for brined cucumbers with his children.

McConaughey shared the “origin story,” of the beloved snack on social media last year.

He began the video by saying, “Howdy howdy McConaughey here. I’m here as a pickle expert to discuss pickles, which is something that I love so much.”

McConaughey stated, “We must go back to their original story, which is a cucumber.” “Now, take a look at this cucumber. It is big, plump, and firm. Bold, full of promise. This is going to be delicious. Then you take a bite. It is all hat, no cattle; all packaging, no product; and it has no identity. It is tasteless. It does nothing but eats up space in our salads.

“But what happens to it when it gets older? Does it age with elegance like a fine wine or does it become a pickle? He continued. He continued, “It’s not as firm as it was once, but a few more bumps on the product and it even shrank. Let’s find out what it tastes like. Now we have the product. Mind the packaging. We now have an identity and a purpose.

“It commits. He said, “It’s the pickle and you do tickle me fancy.”

Fans of dill-lighted hailed the video as a “cinematic masterpiece”.

It is noted that the “Dazed & Confused” and “Dallas Buyers Club” actor refers to himself as a pickle expert on his Instagram bio.

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