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Mackenzie Scott announces $2 billion more in donations

Mackenzie Scott, a billionaire philanthropist, said that he had donated nearly $2 billion to over 300 organizations in the past 7 months. After an announcement by her husband, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, she said that he would donate most of his wealth in his lifetime.

Forbes says that Scott has given $14.4 billion to over 1,500 organizations since her divorce from Bezos. Her most recent donation totals $1,990,800,000.

Scott made the announcement the day Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, his current partner, announced that he intends to give away most of his $124 million net worth in his lifetime. Bezos didn’t specify the donations he would make. Still, he stated that he would dedicate most of his wealth to combating climate change as well as unifying humanity.

Bezos was criticized for not signing the Giving Pledge. This pledge requires the wealthiest people in the world to give most of their wealth to charity.

The Medium post listed the charities that were helped by Scott’s donations. However, the database of Scott’s donations will not be available “soon.”

Although specific amounts of donations weren’t made public, many organizations had already reported the amount they received from Scott. Girl Scouts of the USA said last month that it had received $84.5 million from Scott.

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