Latinx Festival on L. Ron Hubbard Way Celebrates Diversity, Community, Friendship and Empowerment

the misantla dancers from veracruz mexico light up lrh way

The Church of Scientology honors the rich and vibrant cultures of the Los Angeles Latinx Community.

The Chicano Latino Immigrant Democrat Club of Southern California and the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles held a cultural diversity week to celebrate the rich history, culture and many contributions of those who hail from or trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

A wide range of groups provided the music and dance of home. Among them:

  • The Nicaraguan folkloric ballet Flor De Pino
  • The Mexican Misantla Folkloric group
  • The Chinelo dancers, performing traditional costumed dances of Morelos 
  • Los Voladores, the flying dancers of Veracruz 
  • Mexican and South American ranchero singers
  • Contemporary Latin pop groups

The Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club, led by its president Martin Cruz, sponsored and produced nine days of diverse community activities spanning two weekends to celebrate the cultures and traditions of Los Angeles-based Latin American communities.

“We are very grateful to the Church of Scientology for helping us make this happen,” said Cruz, who said he was inspired by L. Ron Hubbard’s words in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health: “Man, in affinity with Man, survives. And that survival is pleasure.” 

The length and breadth of L. Ron Hubbard Way in East Hollywood was filled with artisanal booths displaying arts, crafts, handmade soaps, organic coffee, clothing, and delicious traditional foods and beverages. The Church of Scientology of Los Angeles plans many more family-friendly activities throughout the summer.

An Ideal Scientology Organization, the Church of Scientology Los Angeles is designed to provide ideal facilities for Scientologists on their ascent to higher states of spiritual freedom and to serve as a home for the entire community—a meeting ground of cooperative effort to uplift people of all denominations. It was dedicated by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige in 2010.

The Church of Scientology Los Angeles is featured in an episode of Inside Scientology on the Scientology Network, available on DIRECTV channel 320 and streaming at, through mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

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