Kylie Jenner Is Not Reading Your Comments About Timothée Chalamet Or Her Style

Kylie Jenner’s thoughts of the public debate surrounding her style? Well, apparently, she has none. In an interview with the New York Times, Jenner addressed the perception that her wardrobe’s recent “clean girl” leanings have resulted from her rumored relationship with Timothée Chalamet.

“I don’t know how I feel about that,” Jenner said of claims that Chalamet is the driving force behind her pared-back fashion. She also told the Times that she only reads comments about her business ventures, which now includes canned vodka sodas and a perfume. “I just don’t want to talk about personal things,” she added.

Although Jenner claims to have missed the hundreds of think pieces surrounding her style, there’s no tip-toeing around the fact that her “King Kylie” days of neon blue extensions and extra long nails are nowhere to be found. According to Times writer Jessica Testa, at one point during the interview, Jenner cradled red acrylic nails in her hand like some sort of memento from her past.

Baring the occasional Mob Wife or fully sequined look, Jenner’s recent outfits have been notable in their muted monochrome palettes, consistent in their embrace of natural makeup, and a far, far cry from the typical brand of Kardashian-Jenner fashion. The shift caused such an outcry last summer that public started to accuse the influencer of “copying” Sofia Richie’s brand of “stealth wealth” fashion.

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Still, it seems that Jenner is cognizant of the switch, saying she’s “stripping down a little bit,” but attributes it to something other than her Wonka boyfriend. “I don’t have this thick mane down to my butt, I don’t have lash extensions, I don’t have these long claws,” Jenner said. She went on to mention the birth of her son, Aire, saying “It takes me a while after I have a baby to feel like myself again. Then you get your body back, and you’re like, ‘Wait, the trends have changed.’”

The reality star went on to discuss comments surrounding her appearance, explaining that “It’s just years and years of not feeling like my face or looks are accepted,” she explained. “There’s nothing anyone could ever say now that would hurt me.”

Jenner was notably hush-hush about her relationship with Chalamet who is fresh off the premiere of his latest project, Dune: Part Two. She enjoyed Wonka so much that she saw it twice (while wearing all black, fittingly) so we’re sure Timmy scheduled some sort of private Dune screening.

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