Kim Kardashian Wears A Leather Corset Gown On A Private Jet

Kim Kardashian is on a PJ, in the opposite of PJs. In a new Instagram post, she appears to be posing on a bed aboard a private jet in full glam and an instantly recognizable, leather Chrome Hearts bustier, skirt, and necklace. Casual.

Chrome Hearts, which originally launched in 1988, has experienced a bit of a renaissance as of late. And they have Kardashian in part, to thank — it’s one of her recent favorites. She wore a tan, suede, two piece halter look to the GQ Men of the Year party in November, and a black, backless, high-neck two-piece set to the CFDA Awards the same month.

But this new appearance — a private photoshoot on a private jet — takes her love of the brand to new heights. Literally.

Although, do we really expect anything less from her?

In any event, the ensemble was more well-received by fans than her the two corseted Margiela looks she wore during the week of the Met Gala. As was the case the year prior, when she proudly announced she’d dropped 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into her Marilyn Monroe gown, she was once again accused of perpetuating harmful and unrealistic beauty standards after sporting an extremely cinched waste. Kardashian, however, said the look was a heightened version of her day-to-day life. “I just grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater to run off to make it to where I have to be. It’s really the real-life me when I go to an event, and I have to make it home by 6am to get to carpool,” she told Vogue.

This look is not such a massive departure from that cinched style, but it at least looks like she can breathe in this while in flight. As for the environmental impact? Well…

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