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Joaquim Valente, a martial arts instructor, is not in a relationship with Gisele Bundchen. Photos: Source

A source close to Gisele Bundchen insists that reports suggesting Gisele Bundchen is having a relationship with a man are false, despite recent photos and reports.

Source: “None of this is true.”

“This is Gisele and the children’s long-standing martial arts teacher. Dating rumors are false.

According to new reports, Bundchen was reportedly seen in Costa Rica with Joaquim Valente, a Jiu-Jitsu instructor.

The source said that the headlines had shown “a new level of disrespect” towards Bundchen.

These photos were not taken on romantic outings but instead were taken during a visit to their Central American home. According to the source, Jordan was cropped out from Bundchen and Valente’s photos. Jordan is Bundchen’s homeschool teacher. The children’s physical teacher is Valente. There were 8 children and 6 adults on the trip.

Bundchen has just finalized her divorce from the Tampa Bay Buccanneers quarterback.

The supermodel from Brazil has shared photos with Valente, even though they don’t date.

Valente is one among three sons that own Valente Brothers in North Miami Beach. According to the website of the business, Valente “moved from Mexico to Miami in 2007 to study criminology at Barry University.” His unique teaching style, exceptional teaching skills, and charisma quickly made him a hit with everyone. Joaquim had Grandmaster Helio, his main teacher, and was trained weekly with him. He also had the opportunity to spend long weekends and vacations with Grand Master Helio at his ranch. Joaquim was able to work directly with Grandmaster Helio while he was still in Brazil, and played an important role in the development of our curriculums.

The 42-year-old posted a video in February last year of her practicing Jiu Jitsu. She thanked the brothers for their help. Since I began practicing self-defense, I feel more confident and empowered. It’s a valuable skill that everyone should have, but especially women. Thanks, @ValenteBrothers, for being such great teachers and making training so enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my learning. Let’s go,” she wrote.

Bundchen and her brothers also collaborated on a spread in Dust Magazine this month.

Brady and Bundchen remained very tight-lipped during their divorce proceedings. They only issued two statements on Instagram last month to confirm their separation.

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