Jazz Chisholm Jr. slams former Marlins teammate Miguel Rojas, calls start of Miami stint ‘the worst’

The Miami Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm Jr. described a toxic clubhouse culture in which he was hazed by established veterans, telling “The Pivot” podcast Tuesday that the start of his tenure in Miami was “the worst three years probably of my life.”

Without naming names, Chisholm railed against clubhouse veterans, though he saved his more pointed and thinly veiled comments for Miguel Rojas.

“I was already a team leader without being called a team leader,” Chisholm told the podcast. “You can’t be a team leader when you’ve got guys that’s been in the clubhouse that’s been in there nine or 10 years even though they suck. They’ve been there for nine or 10 years and the team calls them the team captain. But they’re not a good captain, they’re not a good person, you’re not even a good athlete at this point. You’re just here and you’re bringing down the young guys that are supposed to be good.”

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David Samson, the former Marlins team president, defended Rojas on Wednesday during a spot on The Dan Le Batard Show.

“In the hundreds if not thousands of players that I’ve had in my career, Miguel Rojas is one of the best people that I’ve come across,” Samson said of the current Dodgers infielder. “So for (Chisholm) to say that Miguel Rojas is a bad person is incredibly disingenuous.”

Samson questioned Chisholm’s durability as a player, labeled his accomplishments in the game as “nothing,” attributed Chisholm’s appearance on the cover of “The Show” as a favor from Derek Jeter, and lamented that Chisholm broke in when Marlins veterans such as Jeff Conine and Mike Lowell were already retired, “because they would have kicked your ass and that would have been the end of you.”

Chisholm relayed a story in which team veterans chastised a newly promoted prospect in the dugout after he emulated the Juan Soto Shuffle.

During that incident, Chisholm said he pushed back at the criticism of the prospect, who grew up idolizing Soto.

“What do you mean bro? He’s having fun,” Chisholm said, recalling his version of the conversation. “We’re playing f—— kid’s game.”

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