How to Hit the Reset Button This Mercury Retrograde

Watch out, because Mercury is up to its tricky business again. Yep, Mercury is gearing up for another retrograde, so it’s time to block your exes, double-check those calendars, and take things at a slower pace. If you’ve been feeling a bit off since November 26, blame it on Mercury entering its retrograde shadow period. This is like the warm-up act, giving us a sneak peek into what we might need to work on during the real deal. Mercury will go retrograde on December 12th and stay there until January 1st.

So, what’s the deal with Mercury retrograde? This cosmic event occurs when the planet appears to move backward in the night sky, hitting astrological points that it recently passed. You might encounter some tensions and challenges, but it’s essentially a time to hit the brakes, reflect on your daily life, and dive into some of its nitty-gritty details.

Mercury rules communication patterns, mental focus, intellect, technology, and everyday activities like dealing with traffic or going grocery shopping. So, while you might get annoyed by life’s little hiccups, don’t let it ruin your day. Instead, jot down those frustrations. Mercury is nudging you to spot a common thread that needs some extra attention and focus moving forward.

This Mercury retrograde starts in Capricorn and wraps up in Sagittarius, offering us a double dose of learning and growth. In Capricorn, the planet of communication might stir up drama at work or in business dealings. While Mercury in Capricorn is usually direct, the retrograde influence can make it come off as too harsh or closed-minded. Take this time to evaluate the restrictive nature of your communication and question whether you’re holding yourself to unnecessary formalities.

By the end of the retrograde, Sagittarius takes the stage, bringing a lighter vibe. Get ready for potentially messy and spontaneous interactions challenging your worldview. People might be less filtered, bluntly expressing disagreement. Remember, Mercury in Sagittarius is typically optimistic and forward-thinking, so ensure these conversations lead to expansion. Embrace the challenge to broaden your perspective and avoid thinking too small. Don’t lose hope—lean into life’s blessings and opportunities for more compassionate and open-minded connections.

Now, let’s dive into a sign-by-sign horoscope. Remember, check your rising sign and sun for the most accurate reading!


Brace yourself, because this Mercury retrograde might just stir the work pot for you. You could be dealing with miscommunications, double bookings, and a feeling that your hard work isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. But fear not! Your successes still count. Look to the stars at the end of the month for some guidance on shifting your perspective. How can you break out of the usual and make sure you’re on the right life path? Your ruling planet, Mars, is on your side, sparking that adventurous spirit within you. Let it guide you as you navigate your personal journey post-retrograde. This is your chance to shake things up and embrace a new approach. Reevaluating career plans is great during this time, but don’t limit your perspective!


This Mercury retrograde has arrived to prompt some soul-searching. It’s your chance to examine your personal beliefs and see if they’re holding you back from putting the right effort into the things and people that truly matter. Why not dive into a captivating new book or explore a podcast you’ve never listened to? See the world through different lenses and broaden your horizons. By the end of the retrograde, you’ll find yourself reevaluating finances, investments, and shared experiences with those closest to your heart. It’s all about making sure your efforts are in the right place for the right reason! The ruler of your chart, Venus, is on the scene, nudging you to lean on the support of others. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or seek a fresh perspective from someone on the outside. It’s all about collaboration and shared visions during this cosmic adventure!


Get ready, because your ruling planet is about to do the cha-cha for a bit. But no sweat—you’re practically a pro at this by now, right? Sure, things might feel a bit wonky, but Mercury retrogrades are like your cosmic reset button, giving you a chance to recharge and kick things off anew. This retrograde might stir the pot in your shared finances and investments, so it’s time for a money check-up. Make sure your moolah is in the right places. And guess what? Toward the tail end of this retrograde, your relationships might do a little dance of their own. Lessons about the give-and-take with “the other” will be front and center, helping you figure out who’s got your back and which relationships have run their course. Don’t be too swayed or bend over backward to meet others’ needs. Instead, take this opportunity to learn from those around you about conducting yourself and navigating life’s twists and turns. It’s all about growth, Gemini!


Brace yourself, because this Mercury retrograde kicks off in your sister sign, Capricorn, and it’s ready to stir the relations pot a bit. You might feel a tad misunderstood or like the connection wires have been tangled. Fear not—it’s just a cosmic nudge to check in on your relationships. Take a moment to ponder the intentionality behind your connections. Are they as meaningful and impactful as you think? Toward the tail end of this retrograde, let’s craft a game plan to find consistent and routine ways to nurture the relationships that truly feed your soul. You naturally are a giver but you can tend to over extend yourself with that good nature. It’s time to make sure you are prioritizing the right relationships at this time and level up those social skills, Cancer!


You’re the life of the party, full of bombastic energy, but it’s time to ease off the gas pedal and give your daily grind a once-over. With the sun as your cosmic leader, you might feel an undeniable urge to step out and own your space—and girl, you absolutely should! But before you unleash your fabulous self, take a beat. It’s prime time to ensure you’re taking care of number one. Maybe i’’s finally facing that pesky bad habit or giving your living space the Marie Kondo treatment. Wherever the cosmic broom sweeps, make sure not to let your natural excitement and flair distract you from smoothing out any bumps in your everyday life. Shine on, Leo, but with a side of self-care!


You’ve done the Mercury retrograde hustle before, being the Mercury-ruled star that you are. But this retrograde is like your cosmic cheerleader, urging you to reignite those passions and find your happy groove. During this time, keep an eye out for a reconnect with your passions or the discovery of new ones you didn’t know existed. Ask yourself: What steps can I take to keep this happiness train rolling in my life?” But heads up, as the retrograde wraps up, watch out for potential clashes with loved ones and family. With the holiday season around the corner, Mercury might stir up a bit of drama on the home front. Keep that cool Virgo vibe, and let the good times roll.


This retrograde is a biggie, nudging you to dive deep into matters of home and family life. With Mercury taking its backward stroll from Capricorn to Sagittarius, your cosmic assignment is all about finesse in communication. Navigating this transit can be a tad tricky, especially when it hits close to your heart and home. Your challenge is to be mindful of how you deliver your messages. We know you’ve got a mind that can overthink and overanalyze, so let’s dial it back a bit. Consider how your thoughtful approach might sometimes hinder your ability to be fully open and understanding with your loved ones. Be real, be upfront, but sprinkle in a generous dose of empathy. Acknowledge that emotions can run high during this time, and your stellar conflict resolution skills will be key. Patience is a virtue!


With this retrograde, you’re in for a mind-expanding journey, dear Scorpio. During this stretch, you might feel the urge to challenge your beliefs and dive deep into some intellectual stimulation. Whether that’s reading, engaging in stirring conversations, tuning into podcasts, or even taking a snappy masterclass—go for it! The cosmos is giving you a chance to flex that brain muscle. Sure, life’s little hiccups might try to steal the spotlight—misplaced keys, traffic jams, you name it. But this transit is all about ensuring you’re rock-solid in your beliefs. It’s about valuing the powerhouse that is your mind and recognizing how it shapes your world. So let those intellectual sparks fly, and honor the magic your mind weaves in the material realm.


Get ready for a financial deep dive during this Mercury retrograde—think of it as a cosmic budgeting session! Time to ask yourself: Have you been splurging a bit too much or maybe holding back where you shouldn’t? Are there areas where you can cut back on the overindulgence? Let’s break it down, my friend. Take a breather to assess your personal finances. What have you been valuing and prioritizing lately? This cosmic pause is crucial for getting your money matters in check. As the retrograde wraps up, the stars are giving you a nudge to look in the mirror and contemplate your personal growth and maturity. You’re ruled by Jupiter, and that optimism of yours is a fantastic superpower. Just remember not to let it slide into complacency. Stay on the lookout for what truly matters to you, and don’t let it slip through the cracks.


This Mercury retrograde is like a cosmic spotlight on you, urging you to reconnect with numero uno—yes, that’s you! With Mercury hanging out in your sign, it might feel like all eyes are on you, and that could amp up the self-critical vibes a bit. Time to hit pause and ensure you’re living in alignment with your true self. I know you’re ruled by Saturn, the powerhouse of ambition, but here’s the tea: don’t overdo it. Make sure your high-achieving nature is in harmony with your core values. As the retrograde wraps up, your dreams might get a little extra vivid at night. Embrace the whimsy and explore how your less logical side can spark inspiration. Your mind is a powerhouse, but don’t be afraid to hit the off switch and let yourself float through the ether every now and then.


This Mercury retrograde is a cosmic invitation to open up that third eye and dive deep into your spiritual center. You’re a smart and rebellious soul by nature, but guess what? It’s time to weave a bit of structure or routine into that free-spirited heart of yours. Embrace the stillness and silence, my friend. Take a seat and listen to what your gut is whispering to you. It’s a game-changer, trust me. To tune in, you might want to snag a ritual or practice to help you tap into that meditative vibe. As the retrograde winds down, you’ll likely feel the urge to reconnect with others after this deep dive into your spirit. Don’t shy away—share the wisdom you’ve gained about what fuels your sense of faith during this cosmic rendezvous. It’s a journey worth taking.


Get ready for a fabulous retrograde that’s all about setting the stage for your 2024 collaborations. Sure, retrogrades can be a bit like cosmic speed bumps, throwing things a bit off course. But guess what? Since this one hits right before the new year, it’s like a celestial cue for you to dive into some serious long-term goal contemplation. Take this time to envision your big dreams and aspirations. What’s on the horizon for you? The beauty of this retrograde is the opportunity it brings to connect and collaborate with friends, coworkers, or groups that vibe with your ideas. Let your imagination run wild and be open to shifting narratives that align with your larger-than-life vision. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars! This retrograde is your chance to lay the groundwork for some truly cosmic collaborations in the coming year.

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