Brunello Cucinelli Launches Its First-Ever Fragrance

Picture quintessential Italy: A small hamlet saddled amongst rolling hills lined with cypresses — one brimming with history, art, and tradition. That’s Solomeo, which for decades has served as the heart of designer Brunello Cucinelli’s creative inspiration. The Umbrian village is now also the backdrop for the storied fashion house’s first-ever fragrances, Brunello Cucinelli Pour Femme and Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme. The scents marry his iconic clothing — known for its careful tailoring and sumptuous cashmere — with Cucinelli’s beloved Umbria to create scents that feel sophisticated, fresh, and modern.

To bring his vision to life, Cucinelli collaborated with EuroItalia. Helmed by the Sgariboldi family, they are responsible for bringing an Italian approach to luxury beauty. The resulting scents are an ode to Solomeo’s medieval art, culture, and spirituality in combination with Cucinelli’s commitment to finding harmony between nature and humanity.

Brunello Cucinelli Pour Femme

Brunello Cucinelli Pour Femme, for instance, is a musky, woody blend that conjures the warmth of cashmere and pure air of Solomeo. It opens with the fresh, citrusy top notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian mandarin — a celebration of Cucinelli’s Mediterranean roots. The hearty blend of cedar Atlas, cedarwood Virginia, and vetiver are accented by the addition of creamy, spicy chestnut. For a touch more warmth, Pour Femme features a base of amber and musk, giving the fragrance a skin-like richness along with a lasting imprint.

The thoughtful ingredients are in keeping with Cucinelli’s ethical tenet of sustainability. One of the fashion house’s overarching goals is to do no harm in creating luxury. Take cedarwood Virginia, for example. It’s sourced through a sustainable distillation process that uses every component of the raw material, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme

Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme, meanwhile, draws inspiration from the rows of cypress trees that line the Umbrian countryside, creating a stark contrast against the blue sky. Not surprisingly, then, the scent is centered on woody notes, including cypress, juniper berry, and the unexpected Clearwood, which is a bioengineered note — think patchouli, but lighter and less noisy.

The scent also gets a spicy twist from angelica root, black pepper, and ginger. (In yet another nod to Cucinelli’s emphasis on ethics, the ginger is harvested by local communities in Nigeria, who in turn receive a guaranteed source of income.) Together, these ingredients make for a fragrance that’s as bright, crisp, and spicy as it is timeless.

Finally, in keeping with Cucinelli’s focus on sustainability, the bottles have been carefully constructed to minimize waste. They’re made of aluminum and post-consumer recycled glass. The combination feels modern rather than trendy, making for universally appealing, elegant capsules worthy of the fragrances within.

Like a hand-spun cashmere sweater, both scents, Pour Femme and Pour Homme, are intended to be passed down. And, as with all things Italian — be it the arts, the cities, and the way of life — they’re bound to stand the test of time.

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