Beyonce's Latest Cowboy Look Mixes Surrealist Glam With Country Grit

If you invite Beyonce to your birthday party, prepare to be upstaged. That’s what happened to legendary photographer Lenny “Kodak Lens” Santiago, who celebrated his 50th birthday with a blowout, high-fashion event at SoHo House in Malibu, which appeared to include pizza from Brooklyn’s famous Lucali, an all-black-everything dress code, and a slew of famous friends.

For her part, the Cowboy Carter singer went with a slinky, ruched, cut-out custom Lapointe dress and hand-embroidered feather jacket, a black cowboy hat, black gloves, a diamond bolo tie, and those delicious Loewe sandals with the rose-bloom heel. As usual, she was not caught by paparazzi in the look, but rather shared a slew of photos on Instagram.

Styled by longtime stylist Shiona Turini, she also wore a pair of diamond hoops and black, oversized sunglasses, while her blonde hair was worn down in bouncy curls.

As if it were not already abundantly clear by Beyonce’s presence at the party, Santiago’s birthday was a star-studded affair. Other guests included Kelly Rowland, Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, Adele — the list goes on, all decked out in black.

She stayed true to her current cowboy-inspired style. Last week, she posed in an extremely her (and extremely Americana) look: blue, bedazzled hot shorts, another cowboy hat and a fringed, American flag coat. She is “the ultimate American cowboy” after all.

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