Airbnb Debuts Olympics Ad: ‘Why Stay in a Hotel on the Touristy Side of Paris?’

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Airbnb is among the travel industry leaders in taking advantage of the global events category. Its push in Paris highlights the importance it sees for this sector.

With its number of hosts and bookings in the Paris region booming ahead of the start of the Olympics this month, a new Airbnb commercial is advising travelers to avoid hotels if they want to discover the essence of the city.

Airbnb’s “Paris” ad debuted June 6 and is part of its 11-month-old “Get an Airbnb” campaign.

In the ad, a family of four visiting Paris stands outside a hotel and is subjected to typical tourist come-ons such as a performing mime, a souvenir kiosk, and an Eiffel Tower caricature hawking brochures.

Then the hotel collapses and gives way to a charming Airbnb. The family views an artist painting on a canvas, a couple dining casually, and a retro street lamp. A girl on a bike tosses a heart to the son, which hits him on the head, and he collapses lovestruck into into his dad’s arms.

Here’s the narrator’s pitch.

“If it’s always been a dream to go to Paris,

“Why stay in a hotel on the touristy side of Paris?

“Get an Airbnb on the Paris-y side of Paris.”

The ad culminates in text: “Some trips are better in an Airbnb.”

Airbnb has been a premier sponsor of the Olympics since 2019. It reported last month that as of the end of March, its active listings in the Paris area jumped 40% year-over-year. Nights booked in the Paris region were up 400% compared to a year earlier.

In addition to its marketing stays during the Olympics via the Paris ad, Airbnb is touting one of its Icon experiences at the Museé D’Orsay.

As for the Paris ad, iSpot.Tv reported that it has attracted close to 200 million ad impressions in the U.S. on national TV since it debuted a little more than a month ago, and that Airbnb has spent roughly $3.5 million on the spot.

“Consumer sentiment indicated that the ad was 1.2% higher for the spot than the norm for travel ads in the last 90 days, and was 2.3% more likable than the travel norm,” an iSpot.TV spokesperson said Monday. “It also had 83% brand recognition (well above the 70% travel industry norm).”

The three top networks (by impressions/share of voice) were ABC (26.5%), HGTV (13.5%), and Fox (10.1%), according to iSpot.TV.

Here’s the ad:

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