'Agatha All Along' Trailer: Kathryn Hahn & Aubrey Plaza Get Witchy

Kathryn Hahn is finally breaking the spell in the first trailer for Agatha All Along. The highly-anticipated WandaVision spinoff centers Hahn’s character from that show, Agatha, a centuries-old witch who has been stripped of her powers and turned into a frustrated normie named Agnes.

WandaVision, which starred Elizabeth Olsen as the titular Wanda Maximoff and marked Marvel’s first live-action television series—was a huge pandemic hit when it premiered in January of 2021. Hahn was first introduced as her regular persona, Agnes, the busybody neighbor to Olsen’s Wanda and her husband, Vision (Paul Bettany). Eventually, (spoiler alert), Hahn revealed her true identity as witch Agatha Harkness, only to eventually lose her magical talents in a major battle with Wanda in the finale.

The Agatha spinoff was announced later that year, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the Emmy-winning WandaVision universe, which Olsen confirmed to be a limited series, ever since. The series has also been given several different names since being announced, including Agatha: The Darkhold Diaries, Agatha: House of Harkness, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and Agatha: The Lying Witch With a Great Wardrobe. But it’s confirmed that it’s been Agatha All Along, and that it was cheeky Agatha herself messing with the titles.

Per an official description of the new show: “The infamous Agatha Harkness finds herself down and out of power after a suspicious goth teen helps break her free from a distorted spell. Her interest is piqued when he begs her to take him on the legendary Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing. Together, Agatha and this mysterious teen pull together a desperate coven, and set off down, down, down The Road.”

In the Agatha trailer, Hahn-as-Agnes investigates Wanda’s supposed death (she appeared to die at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). Frustration with her limited range of abilities leads her to try to regain her powers—a quest in which she is joined by fellow witch Rio Vidal (Aubrey Plaza), the aforementioned goth teen Billy Kaplan (Joe Locke), 450-year-old witch Lilia Calderu (Patti LuPone), sorceress Jennifer Kale (Sasheer Zamata) and returning Westview neighbor Dottie, aka Sarah Proctor (played by Emma Caulfield). The rest of the cast includes Ali Ahn, Maria Dizzia, Paul Adelstein, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Okwui Okpokwasili, and Debra Jo Rupp.

Watch the Agatha All Along trailer below:

Agatha All Along will debut with two episodes on September 18 on Disney+.

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