A Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Home Lists for $1.85 Million in Michigan

Wright agreed and outlined a neighborhood of 40 roughly-one-acre plots, with communal playgrounds, gardens, and tennis courts on an additional seven acres. He only designed four homes in the neighborhood, including the Winn House and the McCartney House, which listed for sale in March of this year and just sold for $670,000.

Most Usonian homes featured modest and economic kitchens.

Photo: Mathew Truman

The Winn House was the last Wright-designed home to be built in the neighborhood and was completed in 1950. Like the three others, it is crafted in a Usonian style—a type of home Wright envisioned to be low-cost and accessible to the middle class. Most featured open floor plans, simple materials, and a single floor, though the Winn House is unusual in that it is two stories. It features a curved façade, enclosed porch, and is cantilevered over the hillside. Also unique, the home is on two lots, making it feel particularly private. “It’s an amazing setting,” Taber adds. Further, it’s the only waterfront home in the neighborhood, and it offers views of Little Asylum Lake.

The Winn House is two stories, an unusual feature for a Usonian home.

Photo: Mathew Truman

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