9 Tips for Transforming Your Home Into a Winter Sanctuary

For different spaces, you can also draw in a variety of complementary lights, Will says, from task lamps with adjustable necks in cozy reading nooks (see our section below) to accent lighting deployed strategically near your favorite pieces. “When used in harmony, layered lighting will breathe life into your home and create the most relaxing environment,” Will emphasizes.


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A modern chandelier casts a warm glow over this wraparound breakfast nook designed by Kristi Will Interior Design.

Photo: Matthew Millman

5. Wrap your walls

To make a bedroom with tall ceilings feel more down-to-earth or to dress up a smaller space, consider a different kind of wrapping paper: wall-to-wall patterns that draw you in like an embrace. Take the birch tree wallpaper in this bedroom where Becker says “the vibe is all about staying in, wrapping up, and settling down.” The White Label Interiors team layered a variety of textured bedding, from flannel to velvet, that give it a homey feel. “It’s a collected look,” Becker explains, describing it as “a refined homage to a grandpa’s cabin in the mountains.”

6. Put a bough on it

Natural foliage will always be evergreen when it comes to decorating your home for winter. Beyond the traditional fir tree during the holidays, Ginger Curtis—founder and CEO of Urbanology Designs in Dallas, Texas—recommends displaying wreaths, a mini winter garden of potted evergreens, or even freshly trimmed branches arranged in a vase to “seamlessly infuse the environment with an organic, nature-inspired aesthetic.”

7. Carve out spaces for peace and quiet

Some wisdom to borrow from your household pets: There’s always something calming about curling up in a secluded nook, whether that’s to settle in for a nap or to flip through a couple chapters of your favorite book. For Samantha Struck, the principal designer and founder of Strucksured Interiors in Hood River, Oregon, winter is the “time to brew that tea you splurged on and nestle into a cozy corner of your home that’s been underutilized.” To heighten the sense of intimacy, you could always envelop your space with a dark slick of paint or install a physical partition from onlookers, like the heavy velvet curtains seen on the right.

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