9 Period Sex Positions So Good, You’ll Look Forward to That Time of The Month

Being on your period isn’t a death sentence to your sex life. Seriously—just because you’re flowing doesn’t mean that you’re temporarily out of service for the week. In fact, having sex on your period boasts numerous benefits like relieving cramps and migraines, according to Healthline. Plus, if you’re one of many who experience heightened libido on their period, there’s no reason why you should refrain from pleasure.

While you can technically do any sex position on your period, certain positions might be more comfortable (and less messy) than others. Ahead, we are sharing nine period sex positions that can help make having sex on your period just as enjoyable as it is any other time of the month.

1. Shower Power Stance

period sex positions

Shower sex is a no-brainer when you’re on your period because, well, easy clean-up. Try a standing-up position in which you face each other. To make entrance easier and prevent slipping, prop your leg against the edge of the tub or the shower. Whether you’re being digitally stimulated or having penetrative sex with someone with a penis, this is likely the easiest, and steamiest, on this list.

2. Sideways Pleasure

period sex positions

Any position in which you’re lying down will make having sex on your period extra enjoyable. This position involves one partner lying on their side while the other partner enters from the back. Try propping a pillow underneath you for extra leverage.

3. The Butterfly

period sex positions

You can never go wrong with missionary; there’s a reason it’s the most common sex position out there. But to make it even more comfortable during your period, try it with your legs in a butterfly yoga pose. It’ll open up your hips a little bit and feel oh, so good. This is also a great position for your partner to be on top of you using a vibrator or any other toy you love.

4. Doggy Style

period sex positions

There are so many variations of doggy style to try—from laying down on your stomach with your butt up to putting a pillow under your knees to lift you a bit. This position is a favorite amongst many for a reason. But while on your period, if you so choose, you can experience with butt play or anal sex easily from this position.

5. Sexy Stretch

period sex positions

Another variation of classic missionary, this one puts you in the standard “legs up the wall” yoga pose— except your partner is the wall. Keep your legs together and place them on their chest or have them hold them up for you. This allows your partner to get very deep while still being able to access your clitoris for all that extra stimulation you’re craving.

6. The Lotus

period sex positions

If you want a position to feel really close to your partner, try this. Have your partner sit on a couch or on the bed with their legs out in front of them. You’ll straddle them from the top, wrapping your legs around their waist. Because you’re facing each other, it’s easy to look into each other’s eyes and really connect. This is also a great position if you just want to grind on your partner, especially if your partner also has a vagina. 

7. Mutual Masturbation

period sex positions

If you’re not quite feeling it but still ~feeling it~, masturbating with your partner while you’re side-by-side or facing each other might be the way to go. Side-by-side means you can touch each other if you feel like it, and facing each other provides quite the view. You can’t go wrong either way.

8. Spooning

period sex positions

What better position on your period than one where you lay down and don’t do any work? To make this position a little more fun, lift your leg closest to the ceiling so your legs are in a “T” position. Your partner will have a little more room to enter you at that angle and, of course, enjoy a nice view.

9. Cowgirl

period sex positions

With your hormones making you a little hornier than usual, you might want to do the exact opposite of all of these and absolutely strut your stuff, and when that’s the case, opt for cowgirl. This position allows you to stay in control, and it’s really easy for your partner to use their fingers or a vibrator on your clit at the same time. 

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