5 Celebrity Homes Where You Can Spend the Night, From Elvis’s Teenage Apartment to Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus

F. Scott Fitzgerald may have set his novel Tender Is the Night in the glamorous palm-lined French Riviera, but he actually wrote the bulk of this Jazz Age classic from a charming 1910 Craftsman-style house in Montgomery, Alabama, occasionally glancing out of the window at the elegant magnolia tree rooted in the front yard.

Bibliophiles can now stay in the home where Scott and his wife, Zelda, who was drafting her semi-autobiographical book Save the Waltz at the time, lived from 1931 until 1932. In the upstairs apartment, the original peeling Art Deco leaf wallpaper still hangs, while the ground floor has been converted into a small museum dedicated to the fabled writers.

The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald suites cost from $90 and $150 per night.

Shake a Leg at Elvis Presley’s Teenage Apartment

Elvis Presley’s former bedroom

Photo: Zoey Goto

Fans can now stay in an apartment that changed the course of pop culture by visiting the only Elvis Presley residence in the world to offer sleepovers. The King of Rock and Roll lived at Lauderdale Courts in Memphis between the formative ages of 13 to 17, when the pioneering complex was one of the first social housing projects in the US.

This game-changing home offered an impressionable young Presley easy access to the city’s hottest recording studios, music venues, and all-night gospel church services—all of which he soaked up like a thirsty sponge. Narrowly avoiding the wrecking ball in the 1990s, this two-bedroom apartment has since been restored to its mid-century glory, including a vintage record player console and a cast-iron skillet to recreate the rockabilly’s favorite fried sandwiches.

This place costs $250 per night and is only bookable by calling +1 901 523 8662.

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