17 Best Coffee Makers of 2023 to Get You Through the Day

Coffee lovers rejoice! Whether your days are powered by caffeine or you’re a decaf type, you’ll appreciate having one of the best coffee makers in your kitchen. And fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market to fit your preference.

Whether you prefer a single cup—brewed right into your travel mug or a full carafe or pot, the options are practically endless. Lots of the machines highlighted on this list even have extra special features, like a thermal carafe that keeps coffee warm without a hotplate, a built-in milk frother, or smart features that allow you to program your coffee maker the night before from your smartphone. Prefer a built-in coffee grinder, leaning towards coffee grounds you can just scoop into the filter basket, or perhaps a model that lets you grind on some days and scoop on others? We’ve got you covered.

We tested the leading coffee makers–drip, combination coffee/espresso machines, pour-overs, and French Presses, to find out which ones truly deserve the distinction when making a perfect cup of coffee, barista-style cappuccino or latte. Ahead, read our thorough reviews, and find out which coffee maker is right for you.

OXO Brew 9-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

  • Dimensions: 15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches
  • Brewing capacity: 9 cups
  • Descaling indicator: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes

I test a lot of coffee makers and usually rotate them out every quarter. However, I must admit that the stainless steel Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker always spends more than its fair share of time on my countertop. I love the look of it, and although the coffee machine is roughly the same height and width of the average coffee maker, it’s only 6.5 inches in depth, so it doesn’t take up much room on the countertop. I also love the unique conical shape, but if it’s too modern for your taste, the company also makes a more traditional-looking eight-cup coffee maker.

If you don’t like punching a bunch of buttons and dials, you’ll love this drip coffee maker because it has a single button for setting the time, programming the timer, starting the coffee maker, and selecting the quantity (two to four cups or five to nine cups). The display shows the time and the brew status. When the coffee is ready, the freshness timer will start and count up to 60 minutes. I’m a fan of stainless-steel carafes, and this one has a double-wall stainless-steel thermal carafe to ensure hot coffee for a long time. For those who can’t wait on a full pot of coffee to brew, there’s a pause and pour feature: When you remove the carafe before the brew time, the cycle will automatically pause for 60 seconds, so you can pour a cup of coffee and then place the carafe back in place for it to continue brewing.

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